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My name is Rozlind Silva and I am proud to be OPOP’s Co-Editor of Voices. Currently a student at UC Santa Barbara, I have written poetry for around six years, and competed internationally with spoken word twice. Needless to say, writing is an important facet of my life and my personal identity.

Personally, I write to learn more about myself. I write to construct and solidify my identity because growing up I was confused about who I was. Spiritually, sexually, ethnically, etc. Writing gives me a space to explore and who I am. It is a way for me to study my roots and vocalize the parts of me I have subconsciously suppressed. Above all, I write to tell my story, to own my story, and to share it with those who may have felt the same confusion in confronting their own identity, and the same apprehension with sharing their story.

One writer, author, and artist who has never failed to inspire me is spoken word artist Simply Kat. Her work alone is powerful and vulnerable, but as a mentor she taught me to write about what makes others uncomfortable: the truth. She challenged me to take a stand on issues, even when we as young writers are so often silenced. To know that she has not only helped me, but also continues to bring poetry and spread literacy to schools through her own work inspires me to do the same.

So I hope you enjoy OPOP and all we have to offer here! If you need more reads, I personally enjoyed the sense of individualism in Ayn Rand’s Anthem (as controversial as an author as she is). I also enjoyed Woman Warrior  by Maxine Hong Kingston  because it is a moving and gorgeously written personal narrative through the perspective of a Chinese American author. Given the popularized stereotypes of Asian Americans that persist to this day, the authenticity presented in Kingston’s experience as a Chinese girl in America is as rare as it is powerful.

I'm a supporter of stories, so don't be afraid to share yours!