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October 24th marked the first presidential debate where the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, went head to head, for an hour and a half. The two clashed on foreign policy, race, crime and taxes among other issues. Many concede that Clinton “won” the debate as she came in well rehearsed and focused while Trump’s preparation consisted of “bacon cheeseburgers, hot dogs and glasses of Coca-Cola.” And while both candidates said their fair share of lies, Trump’s significantly outweighed Clinton’s as he consistently denied saying virtually everything Clinton brought up.

In terms of women’s issues, Clinton spoke of Trump referring to women as “pigs, slobs and dogs” as well as calling “pregnancy an inconvenience for employers.” The pay gap was brought up once when Clinton quoted Trump who said, “women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men.” Trump also made a comment about how Clinton doesn’t have the “look” to be president.

Race, however, was a prominent issue. Trump emphasized “law and order” and “stop and frisk” as the way to approach race issues whereas Clinton called for “gun reform,” “establishing trust between the police and communities,” and “properly training the police.” Though Clinton insisted on reform of the criminal justice system, she also made false claims about current crime rates. She contended that all Americans are quick to make conclusions about each other. Trump, on the other hand, related to issues in Charlotte and Tulsa by mentioning his properties and investments in those areas. He insisted that we need “more police” and “better community relations” because “African-Americans and Hispanics are living in hell… You walk down the streets, you get shot.” Basically, neither of the candidates had anything particularly helpful to say when it comes to solving the jarring problem of discrimination in American communities.

Outside of race and women’s issues, foreign policy was a major topic of discussion. Trump and Clinton butted heads on almost all approaches to ISIS and Trump even made a comment about a 400-pound man lying in bed hacking the DNC. Climate change was mentioned for a whopping 82 seconds and Clinton was quick to attack Trump’s personal finances, which he still has yet to release.

Though not every issue was thoroughly covered, the debate said a lot about the candidates. When several undecided voters were asked where they stood after the debate, many said that they sided with Clinton because she was prepared. A handful, however, sided with Trump solely because of his stance outside of America’s current political climate. However, his blatant bigotry and detachment from the American people makes him a rather terrifying fit for the job. Compared to Trump, Clinton is relatively ‘with’ the American people; however, she is the epitome of modern American politics. In an election where neither candidate is particularly favorable, we have to wonder where the future of this country is headed. All we can do now is watch out for the next presidential debate, October 9th, and make sure to vote on November 7th.