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This is a poem I wrote from 2014, I think it’s long so purchasesildenafil buckle yourselves in…


I used to have a thicker vocabulary

But now I leave myself…

To be lost in my own thoughts

Is this what it means to be old?

To have once grasped the meat of life

And  l o o s e n  your grip

Ready to slip into the next strife?

Content without knowing the lessons of old?

Knowledge is promiscuous in the fact that it shakes itself at you

Yet when you attempt to grasp it fades into transparence

Like scars of the days past

But nevertheless.

We organisms continue to evolve.

S L O W L Y  we give all of our specs to mother nature, in hopes of mutual respect

We continue this endless circle

Until we circle and circle and circle into a ball

And within these inner circles what is it all?


The entitled eagles that determine the crows that give birth on this earth are undeserving

Of the mere “girth” that they dare call “exclusive

Is actually intrusive upon the lives of the dimes in the dozen

With no interest in the lying, or the mistresses to the husbands

Negroes like me myself and I

Couldn’t care less of those “bests”

Even if we tried.

The sacks of flesh we call our temple are more concerned with just,




Which is why in a moment in time, these words of mine

Will whittle away in this passage of rhyme

I can scribble all the little lines I want, but in truth

If some leader that didn’t come from my roots read this,

They would dismiss this as another bitch busy bitching

And barking, with all my of my people’s complaints

Being treated as another bill in a full box.

These everyday stress additives are just another