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Empower youth by giving them the literary skills to use stories as catalysts for change 


According to the UN, there are over 122 million illiterate youth in the world. Illiterate children are more likely to drop out of school and end up impoverished or imprisoned.  We’re here to change that.

Founded in 2016 by Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate of the United Sates, Amanda Gorman, One Pen One Page works through international partnerships and local programs to bring creative writing programs and leadership support to the youth who need it the most. Our aim is to help students galvanize their own social change through the powerful tools of creative expression and personal voice. Here at One Pen One Page (OPOP) we recognize it’s not simply just giving kids books and pens to write and read. It’s also important to ensure that they have the support to make a difference in their communities with their creativity and voices. Literacy is one of the many key ways to improving opportunities for underserved youth around the globe.

OPOP develops partnerships to provide educational and creative opportunities for youth in order to amplify their stories. We empower and train students to become leaders in their communities and advocate for literacy and expression. We invest in programs, tools, workshops, and other resources for students vulnerable to illiteracy. Every day, we are helping students pick up pens and write their own stories and futures.