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    EMPOWER Youth Through Creativity

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    EDUCATE Students through Writing

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    ENGAGE Student Leaders through Storytelling

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PoetWE Poem

Poem by Maryam, high school student, Afghanistan Poetry, It’s the feeling, which takes me beyond this world, Somewhere old, Somewhere new, It knows no boundaries, It crosses from the rivers of sorrow, It crosses from the waves of joy,...


“Poetry” by Sajia, high school Student, Afghanistan Poetry inspired me to touch the bottom of my heart And write from the bottom of my happiness and sadness It just affected me When there was no more hope for living And...

A Natural Medicine

We inhale The diagram lowers The rib cage expands                                                                                                                                                                           We exhale The diaphragm heightens The rib cage shrinks Air exits the lungs An airstream is created in read more here the trachea The airstream provides energy for the...